Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you cannot eat tasty foods. For e.g. this delicious cake is prepared with a special┬ádiabetes-friendly recipe. You can easily control your blood sugar by eating natural foods that can heal type-2 diabetes. This diabetes food guide will show you exactly which foods can help you cure diabetes naturally. […]

13 Crocodile Pose (Makarasana) The crocodile pose is an easy exercise that helps stimulate the digestive system, improves kidney and liver function, and helps manage diabetes. It also relieves stress from the spine and calms the mind by enabling diaphragmatic breathing. Steps for performing this pose are as follows. Lie down on the floor or […]

Type 2 Diabetes is known as a lifestyle style disease which mean unlike most diseases it is not caused by external factors but by a person’s own choices. Modern lifestyle has made our lives much more convenient but at the same time it has robbed us of our health by giving us easy access to […]

Diabetes is considered to be a world-wide epidemic and in recent years it has been growing at an ever-increasing rate. If you have been diagnosed with this disease then understanding how exactly it is caused will bring you that much closer to healing diabetes. Watch this quick and simple video to get a good understanding […]